Sunday, October 14, 2007

Catchup time & preparation for Rhinebeck

Ok.. so I've been a bad bad blogger. But, in the interest of my preparations for Rhinebeck, thought I'd best mention that I'll be a roaming Square for Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo

So how to find me? I'm still working on that. Likely I'll be running around the festival, occasionally checking in at Susan's Fiber Shop (Building 30, C&D), as she'll be the official vendor of my Spindle Jewels earrings (yes, they're back!) I'm short.. dark greying long hair, glasses, and I'll likely be wearing a laminated I'm a Square tag pinned to my coat. I'll be at Rhinebeck both days.

I also finally finished a Viking Cable scarf for my neighbor (a trade for computer services), and he seemed pleased with the finished product. The scarf was knit with Cascade's Ecological Wool, in a nice brown. I used Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting book as inspiration and used the 'angular S-hitch from Ardre' cable pattern for the repeating cables.

I'm also slowly going to be moving this blog over to my wordpress blog, so will post more there when it's up and ready (and leave a forwarding address here)

Lastly, I'm on Ravelry as of July... I'm fyddlestyx

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

'Pomatomus' Inspired Gauntlets

Amazingly these took me 3 months to make... with all the frogging and restarting...
I started these originally as the Pomatomus Socks... from I then converted what them into mitts, after I found that the cuff I'd knit using KnitPicks Memories fit better and looked more elegant on my arm than on my calf. I consulted both Steph's mermaid gloves as well as Rineke's shorter Pomatomus mitts with modification pattern

I made the arm sections on mine about 4 repeats long, and then started the thumb increases over the length of another repeat, knitted one more pattern repeat, and then continued k1 p1 into the fingers. Additionally, my mitts were knit using the Magic Loop method, which was fairly easy to adapt the pomatomus stitches to. I also chose to do the Pomatomus repeats on both sides, even through the palm, like the Mermaid mitts.

They came out lovely, and feel wonderful.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Knitting catchup - projects from August

Well.. I've been late in posting my finished projects from this summer. I spent a good portion of the summer working on the Shapely Tank Top from White Lies Designs, which I knit up in a lovely cotton-linen yarn I recycled from a Goodwill men's sweater. It's soft and shiny, and was ever so comfortable. I actually ended up liking the fit and feel of this sweater over the Soleil I knit earlier this spring.

I also spent the summer working on 3 handtowels destined for my sister-in-law, Sue: the first, knit in Noho cotton flake from Webs, in a variegated blues that I had left over, in a pattern of my own design, with dispersed diamonds (the diamonds show up very subtly with the variegated yarn, but it gave the towel a nice hand:

The other 2 handtowels.... one was from Mason Dixon Knitting and the other was a pattern I pulled from one of my Barbara Walker books. Both of these were done using another lovely recycled cotton-linen yarn (another Goodwill sweater find).

I've gotten hooked on finding thrift cotton and linen sweaters to recycle, I like the hand the yarn has, as it's been worn and washed already. Plus it saves a bundle. Caveat is you really have to enjoy taking sweaters apart, as it can be beastly sometimes, but makes a good evening's project.