“Pea-nuckle” Challenge and cousins..

I couldn’t resist trying my hand at Laura’s challenge #71,  to use the new tangle over at the recent Zentangle newsletter,  “Pea-nuckle“.     I thought it was high time to try this with a monotangle (using one tangle in a whole piece).   This then became an invitation to see how much I could play with the pattern and create alternate versions.   I usually have to be in the mood to let the pattern play by itself…   and today I just fell into the “flow” and let my pen do the talking.

Ok, so it’s not strictly a monotangle.. but almost…   all done in my 7×10″  Rajasthani journal with handmade paper:

When I looked at the piece later today, I began to suspect I might have a new tangle derivation going on in the top central section….  the aura fill reminds me of washers and dreadlocks and worms all combined…  not entirely a new thing, but different in this configuration.

The construction was certainly inspired by the initial setup of “Pea-nuckle”, however a few steps thrown in between and a very different fill, and you can meander with it…   as shown below:


It’s really easy to let the S’s meander, and connect them in random ways,  or connect and fill all the sections, or in rows.  Kind of like a cousin to Indy-rella too..

So..   I give you “Pea-nuckle”‘s brand new baby “cousin”:



and it even has a baby of its own –   after you close off the curves of the S’s….  it’s great on its own, as a border, or band:


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