Twitter for Knitters I

Hey Knitters…  confused on how to search for other knitters, or other things happening in the “Twitterverse”?

There are LOTS of neat tools out there that can help you find other knitters,  find out what other folks are knitting, find out about the latest knitting videos folks are talking about.    I took a few screenshots of three helpful tools you might want to start with. You’ll want to click on

Twitter Search – here I took a screen shot of two searches I did,  one for the word “knitters” and one for the word “knitting”:

knitting as a search term on Twitter Search

Here’s a search I did for the word “knitters”:
knitting as search term on Twitter Search

Maybe you’ve heard of folks “tweeting” about words with a # before the word..  perhaps a discussion of something like #Stitches… what to do?  Throw it into the Twitter Search and be part of an ongoing conversation.   This is a great way to find other folks to follow as well!

Another Twitter search tool that you can use that updates itself in real time after a number of seconds is TweetScan

Here’s a sample search I did with this service.  Once you do a search, hang out a bit (on the real search, not the picture)  and watch it update itself:

TweetScan example

Now.. ready to ramp it up?   Try TweetGrid!   You can follow 4 or more searches at a time, and see them update live…  in this example I put in 4 separate terms related to knitting.   It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but this is a great way to follow a bunch of search terms at once –  it’s a big picture so I’ll give you the direct link:

(added 1/30/09) I found this interesting people directory of folks on Twitter by interest areas, profession, all sorts of categories: Twellow A search on knitters here yields pages upon pages of very detailed info.. great if you’re looking for folks to follow:

Twellow search on knitters

So knitters (and spinners and weavers and you name it..) – don’t be afraid.. dive into Twitter and start poking around! I’ll follow this up in a week or so with some more suggestions on how to get the best bang out of Twitter.

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4 Responses to Twitter for Knitters I

  1. Suna says:

    Thanks for sharing that your blog had moved. I will watch for postings here now!

    Quite a few people have found me on Twitter by searching. Not that I twitter all that much about knitting, but I am there. (sunasak)

  2. sadia says:

    Hi Suna… glad that posting on the old blog that I’d moved here helped. I still don’t know whether to get rid of the old blog or not.

    Meanwhile, I’ve gone and followed you on Twitter! See you in the Twitterverse!


  3. Jim Child says:

    I’ve always learned so many neat things from you!

    Latest Twitter-thing seems to be “twibes” — as of this morning I’ve joined two and have no idea why/wherefore ??

  4. sadia says:

    Thanks Jim! Have held off on the Twibes thing for now.. it wants to tweet that I joined, and well. it bugs me that I don’t have the choice to join and not tweet about it.

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