The “Fiddle” Spindle – my Quit reward

My custom ordered/designed Golding Spindle arrived today. A treat to myself, for being smoke-free for over 9 months now.. I wanted something that I would use, and be beautiful, to remind myself of the hard work I put in the days following February 25, 2008, when I quit the habit. As I have an affinity for the fiddle, and my Ravelry name is fyddlestyx, I thought it would be just wonderful to have a fiddle design with a celtic band. When I visited the Golding’s studio in June with our elist’s KnitCamp I was admiring the various rings that Tom Golding showed me. I think that’s when I started imagining the fiddle spindle.

It spins like a dream, and the painting that their artist Jan Elliott did to make it just like I imagined was perfect.

Details, as per the card that was included:

  • Whorl: 2 3/4″ Cherry Whorl, finely scrolled.
    Style: Vintage Ring, signed sterling silver celtic design
    Shaft: walnut, 5/16″ x 8 3/4
    Weight: 1.6 oz
    Handpainted by Jan Elliot

This will be a cherished spindle, a well used spindle, and an ongoing reminder of another step I took towards better health.

Thinking of quitting smoking?

  • Set some goals for your self, realistic ones.
    That includes WHY you’re quitting. For me, I was successful only when I wanted to quit for ME, and not for loved ones.
  • Ask for support from your family, friends, co-workers and even online buddies. One of the most helpful tips I got was from an e-list buddie, who gave me a very useful acronym to remember for addictive triggers: HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired). Every time I got a craving I first sat and thought it through.. which one is it this time? Usually by the time I’d figured it out, the worst of the craving had passed for that moment.
  • Make an appt with your local state run quit tobacco group (mine was at the local hospital). Often times they have funding which includes 3 months of the patch or gum or meds. I went with the patch, with the gum as backup. When I finished the patch after 3 months, the gum was more of a mental crutch for me.. knowing it was there. I hardly used it, but still carry some with me — knowing it’s there helps me enormously. I liked the orange-flavored gum.
  • If you are a social networking/media type and enjoy online contact, join QuitNet. I found some support in the forums there and I appreciated all the emails I got from them reminding me of even the tiny incremental anniversaries. While I didn’t join the paying level.. they have a lot of helpful stuff at the free membership level. Knitters might also find the Ravelry group Knit & Quit helpful as well!
  • Plan ahead for some other things you can do with your hands during the really stressful times. At work, I had a squeeze ball and drank ALOT of tea! At home I spent hours upon hours unravelling thrift store sweaters to turn back into yarn for future projects. It became a slight obsession that I even took with me to cafes at times. But that’s for another post.
  • Stay strong.. the first three weeks are hard work.. then the next couple months less so. It doesn’t mean I still don’t get the occasional craving, but I feel SO much better, and after just a month, I found walking upstairs easier. Have a buddy or two who have been through it but are NOT the preachy types that you can count on to call occasionally.

Lastly.. good luck and if it helps.. share your quit tips and quit rewards here!

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6 Responses to The “Fiddle” Spindle – my Quit reward

  1. Brooklynne says:

    *DROOL* that is absolutely beautiful! and now I want one of those with wedding ring quilt pattern carved into it AND I want one of their triple flyer wheels… yet again *droool*

  2. Brooklynne says:

    Also Congrats on the 9 months smoke free I smoked for about 8 years and quit 4 years ago now…

  3. Skewers says:

    What a lovely spindle — and congratulations on quitting!

  4. dharma says:

    That is so beautiful. What a fine way to honor your success.

  5. Jennie says:

    I hadn’t really realized what it would look like from your description. It’s FANTASTIC! As is quitting smoking! Wonderful!!!

  6. rebekah says:

    Hi – I came to your site from your post on Ravelry about your gorgeous spindle. Congratulations on your accomplishment in quitting smoking!! I don’t smoke but have a lot of weight to lose and your post is very inspiring – thank you!

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